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I love shopping online.  I don’t have the time or the energy to go to a bunch of stores each week.  However, I have found a plethora of websites for deals, coupons, steals, and more that help me save money when I shop.   I never buy anything online without 1) logging into Upromise (they  have coupons and deals as well – plus a % of your purchase gets put aside for a 529 plans for your kids) 2) I always open another window and do a google search for the store name and the words” Coupon codes.”  For example, if I’m buying flowers for someone, I google “Proflowers coupon code” before I check out.  If I’m shopping at Old Navy, I google “Old Navy Coupon codes” before I check out. See how that works?   I can almost always find a deal – free shipping or a percentage off my order.

Check some of these sites out!

Amazon.com Gold Box Deals: Check this deal daily.   They even have deals that come out every few hours.   There are some AWESOMELY DEEP DISCOUNTS here!  I get lots of deals here throughout the year.   I have also found great Christmas gifts, toys and electronics here!   Check it out!
Deal Spotter: This is for the metro area (Minneapolis).
Hip2Save: my colleague told me about this one.  Love. it. Lots of deals.
SwagGrabber: my colleague told me about this one, too.  Awesome.  This one is my favorite.  Great deals on a variety of things!
Kids’ Woot! – One Day, One Deal: All the woot! sites are great.   Check them out!
GoCityKids –  This site is awesome as a parent in a metro area.   Go to the site, click on your city and BAM!  Up pops events, deals, restaurants, etc for that day!  Look ahead and plan for upcoming days.   Scroll through the deals, and sign up for the weekly emails which will send out local coupons and deals.
Fat Wallet: This site has amazing deals ona variety of things.  I just started following this site, so I don’t have much experience with it, but come on…..listed today: a Canon Powershot SD1200IS 10MP Digital Camera for $134.99 after coupon plus Free Shipping.
Deal Catcher: mainly electronics, but a nice layout of current deals online each day.

Happy Shopping!

One thought on “Making Cents

  1. AJ says:

    I do the same .. there are ALWAYS coupon codes for discounts and usually free shipping … no one should buy online without checking coupon cabin, or googling “xyz store shipping and coupon codes” .. otherwise, they are just throwing money out the window .. discounts are out there to be had! I haven’t paid shipping for items in a very long time!!!

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