Slow down…and lighten up!

Life before the holidays – super crazy…super fast…super NUTS!  Life in Chicago (I will post about our trip soon!) was relaxing and low-key.  I was completely re-energized!  Then we came back to Minnesota, and I feel completely overwhelmed again!  I need to slow down…

I’ve attended two funerals in the past four days.  Two. Funerals.   I think I did some soul-searching while sitting at each one.   Both were for older women.  Women who brought joy to all who knew them.  Women who had  a great sense of family.   Women who lit up a room with their smile.   Women who seemed to never complain.  Women who seemed to have it all figured out and have it all together.

Then, I think I sit there and beat myself up.  Beat myself up with a laundry list of things that I should be doing or things that need to be done. Things I could be better at.  Things I should be doing more often.  Things I have let go and need to pick up again…lots of things, things, things.

Then, I am completely overwhelmed with myself, life, and everything… and I can’t seem to pick myself up.

This is when I am reminded of my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Sladky.  My mom and dad went to my parent-teacher conference and was told how well I was doing, but my teacher told them to remind me to “Lighten up!”  Life will go on…so laugh…shrug it off…..and keep going!   Don’t be so down on yourself!

So, I am taking a deep breath…

picking myself up…

moving on…

lightening up…

and doing the best that I can do!

As that is all I can do.

2 thoughts on “Slow down…and lighten up!

  1. The saddest thing…
    Not more than five minutes after I hit “Publish” I got an email from our principal that two of my friends (who are sisters and who teach in my building) lost their dad to cancer yesterday. So sad.

    Back to my little hidey-hole.

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