Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

UPDATE:  I added the videos via YouTube (below this post)  Enjoy!

Yesterday was a BIG day for Punky.   In the morning, he had his choral debut during the Children’s Christmas worship service.   Here he is standing up in the choir at rehearsal before the service…he’s the youngest by far!   (He’s in a snazzy red sweater vest that he picked out for his special day!)

Here’s a picture of them singing during the service. I love their name:  The Hallelujah Singers!

I do have two cute videos of them singing.   If you are my friend on Facebook, you can view them on my wall.   I haven’t uploaded them to the blog yet.  Sorry.

After church, we went home for a brief lunch then we were off to Hubby’s choral concert.   That was awesome.   It was beautifully done, and Punky was so proud of Dada…he sat still the entire for most of the 2 hour show!  He was beaming!

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