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I just called and scheduled Punky’s H1N1 vaccination for next week.   He’s going to HATE me, as he HATES absolutely abhors shots… but I keep telling myself it’s for his own good, errrr….health.  Right?

I mean, H1N1 is not the most pleasant thing for kids to contract, so I am looking out for him.  🙂

I totally would love to get it, but I am not eligible  according to “the list” for eligibility.  (Side note:  I think the people who make these lists should spend a day in a middle school classroom!) Anyway, I really don’t mind shots (good thing, too, since I have to do so many each month for our secondary infertility issues).  Hubby HATES needles, shots, blood draws, etc.   I think they are all pretty cool.   Punky, not so much.

So, I am doing the right thing, right?

Are you or your kids getting the vaccine?   And……did you also get the seasonal flu vaccine?

6 thoughts on “Vaccinations

  1. Bev says:

    Well, I don’t know if my kids will get any shots, since the youngest of them is 39. But I did get my flu shot, like a good girl. So did my husband.


  2. Joyful says:

    I’m visiting from December mingle.
    My son & I are eligible, but we are not getting the shot.
    Hmmm…maybe you could have ours!? lol

  3. grandma knock knock says:

    we got our regular flu shots two weeks ago today…not eligible for the other…at least not at this point…

    Glad Punky is getting it… a little boy in the neighbor is suffering from H1N1 and all the terrible side effects it has brought along with it…he has been hospitalized for a while now…

    have a great day…you should get the regular one.. you are with those kids at school all day!!

  4. Nemma says:

    I’ve just had my MMR ( measles mumps and rubella as I have a new job working in direct contact with children. As well as having my Hep B too. I had them done last tuesday and now less than 24 hours till my thirtieth birthday party (That I’ve been planning for well over 6 months!) I come down with the side effects…. Sneezing achy joints and flu like symptoms… How typical is that?????????

    Punky has my deepest sympathy! Hope he gets over his jab soon!

  5. Kelly Sullivan says:

    We didn’t get them for the kids but I am reconsidering. I thought the kids might have had H1N1 back in Oct. It was being frequently diagnosed and the big girls both had fevers for a day or two then ended up with pneumonia. The little ones were cranky for a day or two with low grade fevers at best. My niece had it and it was very, very , very mild so I was going to skip it…but then a friend who works in a hospital mentioned that they are still seeing very serious cases. While a lot of people are thinking the local strain has come and gone…it has not so I am starting to look into how to get it. As I live in the actual city of Chicago though and my pedi. doesn’t have it I may have a big struggle getting the shot.

  6. Kwizgiver says:

    Our school’s nurse said that inoculating the students protected the teachers. I still think I should get a shot for myself.


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