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Every year after Thanksgiving, my family drives up to a Christmas Tree Farm an hour or so away.   We have gone there since I was a little kid.   We used to go with our former next-door neighbors…as the farm is in their family.  When we were small, it was a small operation.   The brothers ran the farm.  We would go out and cut our tree, then go back to the grandma’s house for homemade donuts (I remember them being NASTY!), and the kids would play.  Then, as we got a bit older, we would go out for lunch after getting our tree, and we would hit some cute little antique stores in a neighboring town.  Now that we have our own kids, we have just been going up to the farm (which is a MUCH bigger operation now), getting our tree, visiting Santa, and walking around visiting the animals, riding the train, going through the maze, etc.   This year was no exception – We had a fun time!

Notice how great my nephews are with Santa……then there is Punky who wouldn’t go near him.

We had a great time.  The kids loved walking around!   I’m sure we’ll be back next year!

One thought on “Our Annual Tree Farm Visit

  1. grandma knock knock says:

    that was a fun day too. hopefully we can take walks around the farm into all the fields of trees when the boys are a little bigger..and weather permitting .. we used to do that to find the charlie brown tree for the kitchen … they have a bunch of covered bridges out there now too…

    Punky was better than I thought he would be with Santa…high five and a bump…and within a foot .. that was not bed.. i was thinking 15 feet away and no contact or wish list…

    God willing we will probably go next year….

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