Downtown Chicago

My parents took Punky, Hubby and I downtown on Saturday morning to see a few things – we took the subway to Marshall Field’s Walnut Room (I cannot call it Macy’s), the Christkindlmarket, and then drove out for lunch at Superdawg.  We had a great time!

A Stop at the Condo:

On the Subway:

At the Walnut Room:

The Chriskindlmarket:

The Theater District:

Random Chicago Pics:

Taking the “L”


Thank you, Mom and Dad!   We had fun!

(And I didn’t even mind looking “touristy” with my camera!)

5 thoughts on “Downtown Chicago

  1. Such a great time. I love the shot of your son looking at the Walnut Room tree. We’ve been talking about playing hookey and going for a day. This makes me want to even more!

  2. I knew about the “L”…but I didn’t know they had Subways, too! What a fun looking day! I can’t call Daytons… Macy’s either… drives me nuts… do you guys do 8th floor Daytons/Macys?? How about the Holidazzle??

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