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Who am I?

I’ve been tossing that question around quite a bit as of late.

I am a daughter.  I am a sister.   I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a child of God.  I am a teacher.  I am a friend.

But, who am I?

Right now in my life, I feel like a floundering can’t-quite-get-it-together person…just barely keeping my head a float above water…being tossed around in the waves of life.

Who do I want to be?

I want to stand up on a surfboard and gracefully roll with those waves…laughing…smiling…and maybe occassionally falling off all while being able to get back up quickly.

How do I get there?

That’s a big question.  How do I get there?  First, I need to scale back.  Cut out the chaos in my life.  I need to stay organized…stay focused… (if you know me in real life, I need to cut out the shiny objects that distract me each day!) So, what is a shiny bright object…..hmmmm.   A better question might be, what isn’t?  Marriage, Church, my family, me, my job, and my friends are not shiny objects.  In essence, those are what makes me….well….me!  Those thing, umm….relationships, or people are what matter in my life.  These are the “non-negotiables.”

So, everything else must be a shiny object, right?   Not quite.  I’ve learned that shiny objects don’t need to be objects necessarily.  It can be any thing, any person, or any choice that tempts me to get off track.  It could be my need for perfection when teaching a specific unit, which then drains my energy – leaving little for when I get home.  It could be my competitiveness that keeps me hitting the “Play Again” button when I’m playing Bejeweled on Facebook late each night.  It could be the desire to stay up late and watch a TV show I recorded so that I don’t hear what happens when I’m at work the next day.   I need to let these things go.

So, what will help me stay on track?  Stay focused?  Be authentic?  Be a rock-star?  🙂

Not sure yet…

But, I do know that I will be transforming this blog to reflect my journey.  I want this site to be something of substance and not just pictures and lists of things we’ve been up to.  I want this blog to reflect….me on my journey through life.  The ups.  The downs.  The valleys.  The peaks.  etc.

Sure, I’ll still post pictures and still tell you what we are up to, but I’ll be writing more…about me…both with and without the shiny objects I encounter each day.

Here’s to a fresh start!



5 thoughts on “Shiny Objects

  1. Beth says:

    Oh I am excited for you…

    I struggle sometimes when blogging…lately I have cut back until I know what I write will affect me and others… I love your integrity!

  2. tendrils says:

    Thanks…we’ll see if this works! 😉

  3. Kelly Sullivan says:

    I too experience times in which I wonder who the heck I am and what I am doing. It isn’t that I don’t know my core personility but there are times I question things about how I spend my time or how I spend my money and how much I don’t tell my hubby about how we spend our money. (don’t lie, he doesn’t ask so I am the only one who knows what we actually have, spend, owe etc…a big burden sometimes. Sometimes I question what I worry about…is that goofy neighbor worth this anxiety. Exploration of those questions always leads me to a better place…if only for a while before the goofy neighbor says something else that really bugs me…LOL
    Good luck with your exploration.

  4. tendrils says:

    LOL, Kelly! I know EXACTLY what you mean! 🙂

  5. Mary Howard says:

    I really liked this entry Melissa. It could be my own ponderings of late. I think the changing of the seasons cause me to reflect on where I was a year ago…what have I done…where am I going? In the past year i’ve run my first 5K, experienced the BWCA with Roger (though just a taste) and stayed up all night to participate in the whole Black Friday craziness. I am taking more risks, and stretching myself. I am living life, and most of it feels good.

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