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So, now I see how my therapy sessions are going……Mondays – Not Me! Monday where I actually admit to my shortcomings for the past week…..and then Friday’s Letters of Intent help me let it all go…and say what I really want to say!

See how nice that is working for me?!?

So, Not Me! Monday is here once again…

This week, I most certainly did not grab a pair of my socks out of the dirty laundry and put them on for the day since I couldn’t find another pair!  Nope, not me!

I certainly did not blow my top while I was driving home from errands two nights in a row.  Nope, the first night, I loved listening to Punky wail and scream in the backseat begging for McDonalds.  I would never lose it and just start yelling really loud to see if I could be louder.   Who would do that?!?  Not me! Then, the following night, I never lost it making that same return trip home from errands listening to Punky throw a fit about not getting a submarine toy while we were at Kohl’s.  Nope, I so loved listening to his screams, cries, outbursts, and howls.  Who would lose their cool TWO nights in a row?  Not me!

I did not go out and buy everyone a new sweater and pair of jeans this week for our family photos.  Nope, I did not buy multiple choices for attire for our pictures either!  Nope, not me! And I am also not going back to stores to return the clothes that we didn’t wear for our picture.  Nope!  Not me!

I also did not treat myself to a manicure and pedicure on Friday night just so I could relax and get some “peace” from my crazy week last week.  Nope!  Not me!

I also did not clear out 3 huge lawn and leaf size bags of clothes from my closet to donate to good will.  I mean, who has that many clothes?  Not me!

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