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Punky has discovered the NEW Electric Company, and he LOVES it!  I am amazed at what he picks up from it…and he watches it over and over again!

I remmeber bits and pieces of The Electric Company from when I was growing up, but I never really enjoyed it as much as Sesame Street… but holy cow!  This new version is totally hip!  They rap. sing, dance, and have lots of fun…and Punky just eats it right up!

Apparently, this new version started in January of 2009…with the following press release:

Taking the essence of the original The Electric Company (whose name was derived in 1971 from the light-bulb metaphor) and customizing it to relate to kids today, the new version uses pop culture to teach literacy through the use of music, animation, technology, humor and graphics. The show has been re-energized with a hip young cast, new format, and multiple platforms recognizing today’s media-driven generation. Weekly episodes will run nationally on PBS KIDS GO!, and will be supplemented with a richly interactive online environment as well as community-based outreach activities taking place in cities with high populations of at-risk children. The Electric Company platforms will focus initially on TV, outreach and internet, but will eventually include books and other print materials, portable media, hand-held and console games.

I guess that answers my question as far as a DVD of the new show…there isn’t one yet.

I have watched a few episodes with Punky this week.  After each episode, they say to go online to watch your favorite episodes over and over, so last night, Punky asked to go on the ‘puter and watch some.  We watched 2 full episodes… and he was loving it!

So, I guess we found a new show for him…and one that really promotes literacy in a super fun way!

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