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Ten on Tuesday

Today’s Topic:  10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do

  1. Sew – I cannot even sew a button!   Really!   I would love to also incorporate sewing in to my scrapping…maybe someday.
  2. Stay organized!
  3. Put things away!  I never seem to do this.   My closet, clothes, laundry, makeup, mail, etc.  One would think that I love piles!  I really don’t….but you would never know that!
  4. Host my own blog – I know I could do very cool things….. but right now I would need to read up on this!  Don’t get me wrong, I love wordpress.com and you can’t beat the price.  But I am itching for more…
  5. Keep my desk clean!   You should see the paperwork, files, books, etc on my desk – what a mess!
  6. Bite my tongue.  Sometimes, I don’t think much before I speak…..especially when I am mad!
  7. Go to bed early!   I get my second and third wind late at night…and I’m really good at putzing around online (evil facebook) or watching tv, and then I go to bed late and am crabby the next day!
  8. Motivate the unmotivated.  It’s so hard to keep trying to do this.  It’s much easier to give up on a student when they have reached this point… but I need to keep going trying to find the one thing that will motivate a kid.   It’s different for each one.   My kids have disabilities in reading and writing, and being as though that’s what I teach…it’s a battle every day!
  9. Save money.  I am awful at this!
  10. Keep track of my checking account.   You would never know that I am my dad’s daughter…he works at a prominent bank in Chicago and that my mom worked at a bank when she was younger!  Iam so terrible with money management.  I hate it.

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