Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Punky and I sat down on Wednesday evening to write his Christmas list for “Gwandma” Holly and “Gwandpa” Ed. He sat and deliberated for awhile and we came up with a list that we typed up in an email for “Gwandma.” He then practiced typing his name a few times, and then we headed back upstairs for our nightly board game rituals – Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, and Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

The next morning, I was upstairs getting ready and I heard, “Mama, come quick!” So, I scurried down the stairs to see the tail end of a toy commercial.

“See, Mama, that what I ordered from Gwandma yesternight!”

Yes, that toy was on his Chrsitmas list, or, ummm, his Christmas order.

2 thoughts on “Taking Orders

  1. Mr Geek says:

    Gwandma’s is a good service, my kids use is too, free goods, free delivery, … payment in kisses!

  2. Tendrils says:

    LOL! Is there any better service? Hehehheee!

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