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lays_logoAs I sat at lunch yesterday eating my Jay’s potato chips, my colleagues kept staring at my bag while I ate them.

I pointed to the line”Can’t stop eating em” on the bag and said, “How did they know?”

What are those?” they asked.

“Jay’s?  They are potato chips.  Why?”

“Where did you buy them?”

“My mom gave them to us on our trip back last weekend.”

“Oh, ‘cuz I never saw that kind at the grocery store.”

Then it dawned on me, nope, they wouldn’t have ever seen them around here in Minnesota at a grocery store.  Jay’s Potato Chips are a Chicagoland deal.   And unless you grew up in Chicago, you’d never know that you cannot stop eating ’em!

Then I got to thinkin’…..there are a few things I can’t get up here.  Jays potato chips, poppy seed hot dog buns, Vienna beef hot dogs, David Berg hot dogs, Russel’s BBQ sauce, Maurice Lenell cookies, Dean’s milk or sour cream, Oberweis milk, Gonnella bread……

What do you eat that is a locally exclusive commodity?

2 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Eating ‘Em!

  1. Jen says:

    I love you, but that was just CRUEL! I LOVE with big puffy hearts and glitter and rainbows and puppy dogs Jay’s Potato Chips. And Oke-doke popcorn, both butter and cheese. AGH!!!!! Now I want some. 😦 I miss Vienna beef hotdogs, but there are a few places within driving distance where I can get a real life Chicago dog (the only kind there is) 🙂 But not the chips…sniff…

  2. RC says:

    Jay’s Potato Chips are all over Wisconsin, dearie… Just drive across the border and you’ll probably find ’em. Same with Dean-brand dairy products. 🙂

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