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Topic this week:   10 ways to waste time on the internet.

Man, only 10?  I can think of quite a few more than that!

Here we go…

  1. Evil facebook games (Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville, Farkle, etc)
  2. Facebook period.  end.of.story.  Going through photos, status updates, and links, etc.  You could I  seriously waste a lot of time there!
  3. This is why you are fat...
  4. The People of Walmart
  5. Looking up movies, actors, TV shows on Internet Movie Database.
  6. Googling yourself or anyone you know.
  7. Google Earth.  enough said.
  8. Fark.
  9. YouTube.
  10. Awkward Family Photos
  11. Cake Wrecks
  12. Draw a House
  13. I Can Has Cheezeburger
  14. Stumble Upon
  15. Draw Ball
  16. Wordle.

I could go on…..but really?!?  😉

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2 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. kathi says:

    Hehehe, I don’t think there are too many who could leave it at just 10 places! I don’t do Facebook games and barely do Facebook, but in addition to several of your top 10… erm… 16… I also waste… I mean… spend quality time… at Television Without Pity, Rottweiler Online, and FunTrivia. Oh, and of course Twitter and my ever-full feed reader!

    :: mingle mingle ::

  2. wow! so much to do 😀

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