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1010 things I learned this morning on the internet:

  1. Mckmama hasn’t posted an update on Stellan for over 13 hours now….continue your prayers!
  2. Laughing At Chaos is banging out the posts on her snazzy new blog! 😉  Love her new look!  (except the pictures of the snow!) 
  3. Twitter now lets you create lists to organize who you are following. Very cool. 
  4. After reading some of my fave scrapping blogs, I miss scrapping!   😦   Gals, we need to schedule some time…SOON!   (Today, I read Becky Higgin’s blog, Cosmo Cricket’s blog, 7 gypsies’ blog, Jenni Bowlin’s inspiration blog, Chrsitine Middlecamp’s Retrospection blog,  Scrapbook Obsession, Scrapping with IKEA Goddess,  and Create something today.   
  5. Tommy is coming home to the Walker Family this Sunday on Brothers & Sisters.  (I was reading Bloggers & Sisters.) 
  6. If you can’t tell, I caught up on my blog feeder.   I HEART Chrissie and her twin sister Lisa.  Chrissie is over at Flipflops & Applesauce.  Lisa is over at Lisa Leonard Designs and It’s the Little Things.   
  7. I hope RC is having fun with her family in Duluth.   They were going to stay where we stayed this past summer!  Her tweets sounds like they are having fun! 
  8. Mr. Geek , Beau, and Helen have fallen off the blogging wagon.   COME BACK!!!!!  😉 
  9. Everything can be found on ebay
  10. Etsy has some really cute gift ideas!

10 Things I want to get done this weekend:

  1. Carve our pumpkin.
  2. Roast Pumpkin seeds.
  3. Take pictures of Punky in his cute Halloween costumes.
  4. Write thank you notes for all of Punky’s birthday gifts.
  5. Clean up the kicthen table – it has become a mass piling of everythign from this week.
  6. Come up with some sort of storage solution for Punky’s closet.
  7. Go through Punky’s clothes and purge what doesn’t fit him. (I’ll bring those to IL for my nephew)
  8. Watch a movie with Hubby.
  9. Sit down and write out my Christmas “To-Do” and “To-Get” lists (I already have some presents!  Wow!)
  10. Take Punky trick-or-treating.

10 Things I am loving about Punky right now…

  1. He is absolutely loving to play board games.  Candyland, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, etc.
  2. He cracks me up everytime he wears a sweatshirt with a hoodie, he feels it necessary to wear teh hood up on his head.  It makes me laugh.
  3. The boy is so worried about me.  Between my visits to Urgent Crea this week and my already scheduled visits to my reproductive endocrinologist this week, he thinks I live at a doctor’s office.   He asks each mornign if after I get home from my appt, I coudl call him at daycare and tell him that I am ok.   Awwwwww…
  4. On  Tuesday, he came home from daycare with Hubby.  I had such a high fever, I didn’t dare drive.  Anyway, he rushed right over to me on teh couch, gave me a kiss, then ran over to get his doctor kit and quickly took my vitals and listened to my heart.  He’s such a sweetheart.
  5. He loves Blue, his blanket that Aunt Jeanne knitted for him after he was born.   Poor Blue has been through some rough times, but Aunt Jeanne always fixes it.   There ismore damage to Blue this week, and Punky keeps saying, “Aunt Jeanne will fix it for me….”
  6. He tells everyone how many he is now all while holding up his four fingers….in only a way he can do it.  He smashes those 4 fingers together so tightly, I am amazed they can stand up to signal his age!
  7. Punky  has been talking on the phone a lot to Gwandma Holly (Aka Grandma Knock-Knock) and his cousin.   I  love listening to them chatter away….
  8. Punky got so excited this week to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  It was very cute.
  9. He is so snuggly when it’s time for bed.
  10. After I asked him to clarify something that I couldn’t believe he had just said, he simply stated, “Just let it go, Ma.”  WHAT?!?!?!??

I am off to rest now………..  but I am feeling better today!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Today, I bring you the number TEN…

  1. jeanne says:

    Oh boy, someday Blue is going to have damage I won’t be able to fix. I’m pretty certain that’s the day Punky decides he doesn’t love me anymore!

  2. tendrils says:

    LOL!!!! He’ll always love you….maybe just not as much ! 😉

  3. Beth says:

    I love this post…so many fun things and new to me blogs to check out! hope you are better enough to go out Trick and Treating…I am craving chocolate like mad! Have a great weekend! (mind if I steal this idea???)

  4. tendrils says:

    Thanks, Beth! Go ahead…..use it ! 🙂 I hope it stops raining long enough to trick-or-treat!

  5. Jen says:

    Aww, you rock! Thanks for the mention! I’m just getting the pump primed for NaBloPoMo; I’m afraid it’s going to kick me in the teeth this year. 😦

  6. tendrils says:

    Jen — Na……Nothing ever kicks you in the teeth! 😀

  7. RC says:

    Thank you! And yes, I had a great time!



  9. imhelendt says:

    I had to take my blog offline. New job and all. 🙂 I’ll send out a password if I start blogging again.

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