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So, if I am your friend on Facebook, you may have seen these.   Here are Punky’s last three years of Halloween costumes. Tomorrow, (Halloween) I will post a picture of his costume this year!

His First Halloween (6 days old)


Our Little Sweet Pea…


And, of course, he had a cute “Jack O’Lantern” set, too!

His 2nd Halloween – 1 year old


Our cute little monkey!

His 3rd Halloween – 2 years old


Our curious little lion…

His 4th Halloween – 3 years old

Who can forget last year’s costume?


Our yummy little gingerbread “guy” (that’s what he called himself)

This year, Punky wanted to be nothing but the “gingerbread guy” again.  That was the plan; however, I guess he didn’t realize that mommies sometimes forget things, so when we went to Illinois 2 weeks ago to celebrate Halloween and Punky’s birthday, Mommy FORGOT his “gingerbread guy” costume.  So, we hit the stores and found a costume for him to wear in Illinois.   I have yet to get a good picture of him in it, so that will be my job tomorrow, on Halloween.   I will post it then!

Until then…


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