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germsOk, so it’s no secret, my immune system sucks this year!  I mean, who is sick from day one through day thirty-two of the school year? (ok, the first week or two was allergies…..but still!)     I have had students dropping like flies with flu, colds, sinus infections, etc.   Punky’s day care had been hijacked with the flu (most likely, H1N1) last week.We thought we were safe as Punky had been in Illinois the week before the sickness hit.   However, Punky and I have a horrendous cough now.   He doesn’t feel very good, but doesn’t have a fever yet.  (Kelly says that the cough was day one and the fever hit day 2…ugh).  I missed two dys of school the second week of October due to this crap.   Now, I have it again?!?!?!?  I am heading down to the nurse’s office on my prep….I am sure I have a fever now….even with meds.  I guess I should leave lesson plans out when I leave tonight…Just.in.case.

Come on!   Go away, you nasty-ass germs!  I just want to feel 100% human, normal again!  Pretty Puhhhhlease?!?!?!?!?

5 thoughts on “Help! I’m surrounded by icky germs…

  1. Beth says:

    I hear ya sistha… I am sick again and so is Lydia my 11 yr old! We just can’t seem to get rid of it! Pissing me off! I am taking a day off tomorrow to deal with the germs in my house!

  2. Nemma says:

    Hope your feeling better soon! Kids are dropping like flies at the minute at Nursery, we’re on half term at the minute though but I know there were at least three or four out of the 23 off with “colds”. I had suspected swine flu when it was first doing the rounds a few months ago. I tried to battle on but in the end I just gave up and let it run its course. You’ve got my sympathy though, nothing worse than feeling rough when you have children to look after! Hope it goes away quickly

  3. Tendrils says:

    Thank you! I was sent home from school with a 100.2 fever…..slept all afternoon. Woke up when my hubby was coming home from work and picking up Punky at daycare….and my fever was up to 103.2! I called teh clinic and they wanted me to come in ASAP. I got there and waited 3 hours! Got more antibiotics; had a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia; and now am home and heading to bed. I am NOT going to school tomorrow!

  4. Mr Geek says:

    We are sick in our house too … No flu yet, but we have a “mild chest infection” (according to the doctor) that neither Lisa or I can shrug off. We were offered antibiotics last week, but turned them down under the assumption that we were over the worst of it, but I am now regretting that.

  5. tendrils says:

    Never turn down antibiotics!!!! 😉 I did one round earlier this month, but that didn’t seem to get it all, so they started me on some new ones. The school secrertary just called em and said that they have a sub for me again tomorrow if I’d like it. So, I guess I’ll be home tomorrow too! Which I don’t mind, as being “on” in front of a classroom is REALLY hard when you are not 100% yourself! Hope you’re feeling beter too!

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