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I went shopping for Punky’s birthday gifts last night…by myself.   Punky has been with me everytime we hit a toy store, so it’s been hard to purchase anything without little eyes seeing it in the cart.

I could have explored stores for hours and hours… there are so many cool toys out there!  However, knowing that we have MORE THAN ENOUGH GeoTrax.   (remember all those?)  Anyway, Punky had a list a mile long of GeoTrax he wants…but the boy cannot fit anymore GeoTrax in our house!   It is set up right now and takes up our entire living room!  Crazy!   We only put it up for a few days at a time….and it’s only up this week so he can play with his cousin this weekend since my sister and her family are coming up here.  Anyhoo…this is what I decided on:

Geotrax Rope ‘n Ride Ranch

Hi Ho Cherry-O Game

Busytown Game – Punky lOVES Richard Scarry’s characters!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Building Blocks

Automoblox Mini – These are AWESOME!  This will be Punky’s 7th car.  He loves to build with these!

Punky is into playing games.  He is loving Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Memory, and Dominoes.   I think he will absolutely love these 2 games too!  Teh Richard Scarry one looks really cool – I can’t wait to play!

Tomorrow is his kid birthday party and Sunday is his actual BIRTHDAY!   🙂   I’m sure you’ll see pictures next week!  😉

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