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So, after a LONG time away from Thursday Thirteen, I thought I’d jump back in and start up again.  (Well, at least for today!)

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I record each week on my DV-R.

  1. Brothers & Sisters
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. The Daily Show
  4. Saturday Night Live
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Two and a Half Men
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  8. Handy Manny
  9. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  10. Imagination Movers
  11. Rubbadubbers
  12. Make Way for Noddy
  13. Jungle Junction

Can you guess which ones are for Punky?   Most of our DVR is for him!!!!!

CLick here to view more Thursday Thirteen participants!  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. sandy says:

    I miss Flight of the Concords soooooo much !! sandy

  2. Alice Audrey says:

    I tried to upgrade to DVR recently, but my dh came home with another DVD/VCR combo. Better than nothing, I suppose.

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh, how I wish I had a DVR! 🙂

    Happy Thursday and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Janet says:

    I’m with you on #4 🙂

  5. Beau says:

    Does Punky know how to work the DVR, since it seems like everything is for him?

  6. Mr Geek says:

    I don’t really do much TV (although I have a full cable package), and I don’t have a DVR. We have iPlayer (a bit like a BBC version of Hulu), which we download “In The Night Garden” for Maggie on, and the older kids watch iCarly, Garfield etc, but anything else we watch is streamed over the network from my computer (**cough** Bit **cough** Torrent **cough** ).

    We tend to watch series of things years after they were originally shown, the last one was 24 – Series 1!

    And now we have started on Angel (after reading the twilight books).

  7. tendrils says:

    Beau – LOL! I wish! There are a plethora of shows I record each day, so when he asks for “Little Einsteins” on a whim, I have at least one show. I try to stay a step ahead of him. It’s hard some days, but I manage ok….most days 😉

  8. tendrils says:

    Mr. Geek – Same here. We get shows (series) on DVD too…… but now that we have the DVR, we’re pretty spoiled. We hardly watch any live TV any more…..if we do, we start 10 minutes after the show began, so we can fast forward through the commercials. Much more enjoyable that way! 🙂

    How do you like Angel?

  9. Mr Geek says:

    We have only watched a couple, but I used to be a Buffy Geek, so feel like I know him pretty well. I have to admit to having been disappointed with the twilight film as reading the books, I totally saw Edward as being a younger version of angel rather than the skinny thing they decided on.

    It is quite funny as Mrs Geek managed to read the entire set of Twilight books without knowing any of the “Hollywood Assumptions” such as the lack of reflection etc before hand, so now I am having to tell her the ones that weren’t addressed in the books to make Angel make sense.

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