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Nap time has been a bone of contention in our house lately.   Punky worries about it all day long!  He HATES naps, and doesn’t want to take one anymore.   However, as the people who spend our evenings with him, the boy needs a nap…otherwise he is a complete crab…..apple!  (See, I can NOT swear!)  We had nap time down to a science at daycare, so it had been a non-issue for awhile…then Punky spent a week in Chicago with my parents…then daycare was closed due to sickness…and now as he headed back to daycare yesterday, nap time was again an issue.

The night before, at 7:30 PM, Punky and I were happily playing with GeoTrax when he burst into tears.  He was sobbing and trying to stammer out….”Mama, I don’t….want……to…..take….a…..nap……I……….am……..a……….big……..boy.  ………big………boys……….don’t……….take……..naps………”  *sob* *sob*  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!  He was so serious, and so upset, yet he looked so funny…..   (I know, once again, I ‘m up for  the “Mommy of the Year” Award!)

I explained that he needs a nap in order for him to stay up and play with Mama and Dada at night.  If he didn’t take a nap, he’d have to go to bed earlier each night, and we’d never get a chance to play!  I told him we’d talk about it when Dada got home.  Dada got home, and it wasn’t mentioned……until…….bedtime.   Ahhhhhhh…..the perfect stall tactic on Punky’s part!

We settled him down after 10 minutes of wailing and whining.  Dada left he bedroom, and I snuggled with him in his bed to review his day.  He got riled up again and started sobbing.  Same story.  He’s a big boy and doesn’t need a nap.   I told him that Kelly and I would think of an idea for him to take his rest time (he does better when we give him a “job” and wake him up “early” so he thinks he’s special! And it worked…until now)  He sat straight up in bed and said:

“Mama, I want you to ‘fink’ of ideas all night long.   I want to hear all of your ideas when I wake up in the morning, Got it?”


He might as well have said, “Have it on my desk first thing in the morning.”

He’ll be a great CEO one day!

5 thoughts on “My little CEO

  1. AndyZ says:

    Big Boys take naps. I’d love a nap right now.
    Maybe 15-30 in the car after lunch…hmmmm.


  2. tendrils says:

    Totally agree! Big Girls want naps too!

  3. Mr Geek says:

    I’m with AndyZ … naps are good. I am often found snoozing in the car at lunch … if not before that sat at my desk!

    (Yay … you found the follow-ups button 🙂 )

  4. grandma knock knock says:

    He totally took naps at my house that week… and i guess i made it fun..by promising a whole new venue of adventures when he woke up… he did not complain or sob or anything…. Grandpa takes naps and would like more of them !!

  5. tendrils says:

    Mr. Geek – Amen! I would love a daily afternoon nap! 🙂

    Grandma Knock-Knock – I know….but you are GRANDMA! 😉

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