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Wow!  Has it really been 3 weeks since I blogged?

Twitter and facebook have taken over my social life, leaving my blog sit, stagnant.  I guess I have fallen into the trap of describing what is happening in life in 140 characters or less!   So, to get you, my bloggy friends, up to speed, here is the last 3 weeks of my life in 140 character increments…. (start at the bottom and read UP)

  1. Bringing Pringles to work was a BAD idea.28 minutes ago from web
  2. Happy Wednesday!!!!! I am digging out from under all the sub notes from yesterday’s sub in my classroom. What are you up to today?41 minutes ago from web
  3. Thanking God for awesome negotiation tactics which yielded an agreement to take a nap today even though he is a “big kid” (his words)!about 1 hour ago from web
  4. Here we go again.2:33 PM Oct 19th from txt
  5. Running late, as usual. 😦6:25 AM Oct 19th from txt
  6. Getting stir crazy… Three more miles to our home- that was a long six and a half hour drive!5:31 PM Oct 18th from txt
  7. Is anyone in minnesota not sick with the flu?5:05 PM Oct 18th from txt
  8. Crossing the minnesota state line… With one very tired little boy.4:48 PM Oct 18th from txt
  9. Over half way home! 🙂 3 more hours to go!2:32 PM Oct 18th from txt
  10. Heading back to minnesota after a fun weekend visiting my family. 🙂10:59 AM Oct 18th from txt
  11. Celebrating jack’s 4th birthday with my family in illinois. The boy is soooo excited!2:58 PM Oct 17th from txt
  12. Man, it’s nice to sleep in a bit. Just kidding i was up at 4. Just kidding i never woke up. Just kidding. I never sleep. Just kidding. 🙂8:19 AM Oct 17th from txt
  13. Happy saturday!8:12 AM Oct 17th from txt
  14. Off to the pumpkin farm… Hope the rain stays away for a bit.11:49 AM Oct 16th from txt
  15. Driving my dad’s crossfire- sweet!8:19 AM Oct 16th from txt
  16. Sweet home, chicago.7:12 AM Oct 16th from txt
  17. Stopped for lunch& watching cnn cover the little boy in the helium balloon while1:19 PM Oct 15th from txt
  18. So glad it’s a REALLY long weekend – No school thurs, fri, and teacher inservice on Monday. Nice.11:05 AM Oct 14th from web
  19. WHat a downer day…. test was NEGATIVE for all of you waiting…… so another round of shots! 😦10:12 AM Oct 14th from web
  20. @richardhoward a whole THREE PARENTS!!!8:14 AM Oct 14th from web in reply to richardhoward
  21. I’m outta here!6:17 PM Oct 13th from web
  22. 43 minutes left of conferences, and I have only seen ONE parent!!!!!5:32 PM Oct 13th from web
  23. @erinweed normal! Mine was 11 lbs 4 oz at birth, so he was quite a big one too! 🙂5:31 PM Oct 13th from web in reply to erinweed
  24. bought pop tarts from the vending machine. Yes, it’s going to be one of THOSE days. Feel like I am back in college!Yum frosted strawberry!7:33 AM Oct 13th from web
  25. ready for a long day….teaching all day then Parent-Teacher conferences tonight.6:58 AM Oct 13th from web
  26. on my home to an empty house. 😦3:28 PM Oct 12th from web
  27. still snowing…it feels like December here!12:03 PM Oct 12th from web
  28. Watching the snow fall outside my classroom window…Yes, it is October 12th. Yes, you read that right….Snow.9:20 AM Oct 12th from web
  29. this morning, I packed up one very excited little boy for his trip down to IL today with “Gwandma and Gwandpa!” Man, I miss him already!8:39 AM Oct 12th from web
  30. Ever go to check out and not have your wallet? Ugh!3:05 PM Oct 10th from txt
  31. Yes, it’s october 10th and my boys are out playing in the snow!9:55 AM Oct 10th from txt
  32. Loves her hubby. He’s such a sweetheart. :-*6:52 PM Oct 9th from txt
  33. THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!!!!!!2:19 PM Oct 9th from web
  34. I can smell the weekend…..it’s so close!1:40 PM Oct 9th from web
  35. @imhelendt I need to try that. Although, I think administration would frown upon that, and I’d be out of a job.1:34 PM Oct 9th from web in reply to imhelendt
  36. having my patience tried all day long.12:18 PM Oct 9th from web
  37. CONGRATULATIONS, MR. PRSIDENT!!!! WOOOHOO!!!! RT @WCCOBreaking Breaking News: President Obama given Nobel Peace Prize. http://bit.ly/VXPTu7:56 AM Oct 9th from web
  38. Back at work….taking it easy on a Friday! 🙂7:52 AM Oct 9th from web
  39. An uncertain diagnoses without a chest x-ray- but i left with antibiotics 🙂10:24 AM Oct 7th from txt
  40. Got to meet a nebulizer. Waiting to see the doc again.9:48 AM Oct 7th from txt
  41. Wearing a mask at the clinic- waiting to be seen. Feel like a leper!8:31 AM Oct 7th from txt
  42. GO TWINS!!!!!6:07 PM Oct 6th from web
  43. sweet….I have on the Twins game……this will make conferences fly by! 🙂3:12 PM Oct 6th from web
  44. Conferences have started….so has the countdown to 7:15 PM! 🙂2:39 PM Oct 6th from web
  45. Long day today…..after school we have Parent-Teacher conferences until 7:15 tonight.11:17 AM Oct 6th from web
  46. @ScoutsHonor http://kmschad.com11:17 AM Oct 6th from web in reply to ScoutsHonor
  47. @ScoutsHonor http://kmschad.com11:07 AM Oct 6th from web in reply to ScoutsHonor
  48. totally thankful for her Mucinex-D.8:43 AM Oct 6th from web
  49. Trying to create students blogs for my kids through 21 classes…their usernames and passwords are very eye-opening! Wow, I’m getting old!12:48 PM Oct 5th from web
  50. wonders if this nasty cold I’ve had for three weeks will ever go away.12:25 PM Oct 5th from web
  51. Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds, was born on this day in 1902. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant and order? (my writing prompt 2day)10:05 AM Oct 5th from web
  52. Teaching plot structure. Does it get any better than this??!?!?!?!9:05 AM Oct 5th from web
  53. Thanks God for BESTEST friends who will give you shots in your butt when your husband is freaked out. THANKS KELLY! You are the best!6:52 PM Oct 4th from web
  54. Each second is a little bit closer to 3:10 PM! 🙂 (Dismissal bell)12:23 PM Oct 2nd from web
  55. So sorry, Chicago! The Olympics would have been awesome in Chi-town!9:36 AM Oct 2nd from web
  56. The clock is crawling…8:49 AM Oct 2nd from web
  57. midquarter grading day…….and MAP testing (Measures of Academic Progress….not real Maps) will keep me busy ALL day long!7:45 AM Oct 1st from web
  58. blowing my nose, coughing, yawning, repeat.10:22 AM Sep 30th from web
  59. @beauraines Good luck! 🙂10:18 AM Sep 30th from web in reply to beauraines
  60. Too much exctitement for me today. I swear I have a fever. I need to go to bed. Good night……zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..6:16 PM Sep 29th from web

So, yes, I was sick…I missed 2 days of school.   Punky was in Chicago for a week.  I survived Parent-Teacher conferences.  The last round of infertility shots did not work, but we’ve started on round 2.  Life has been keeping us busy!

Stay tuned for more posts!   😉 (and for God sakes, will someone please take the Pringles can away from my desk!  It’s only 9:12 AM!)

2 thoughts on “Three weeks of my life…

  1. Beth says:

    Great post… makes me feel normal… my treat today is Take 5 candy bar.. I haven’t set up my blogs…gonna try next Trimester… Have a great day and I am saying prayers for successful take on your fertility shots!

  2. tendrils says:

    Thanks, Beth! 🙂 Blogs are going fairly well. My kids are quite reluctant to read or write, but we do ok. It’s a work in progress! When we’re totally up and running, I’ll send you our site!

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