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So, I’ve been in for 2 more ultrasounds since last post.   I am definitely growing eggs….a lot of them.  However, this morning, we chose to be a bit conservative and induce ovulation now (when there are fewer viable eggs – 1 or 2) than in a day or so, when the chance for 3-5 viable eggs would be great! Trips, quads, or quints would SCARE me!   (one tiny part of me thinks it’d be fun……for about a day….but then I’d be checking myself in to some sort of mental hospital)

This is one day that my liberal self is very happy to be conservative!

So, thanks for the prayers and well wishes…..keep them coming, as we’re not pregnant yet!

4 thoughts on “Liberal vs. Conservative?

  1. AJ says:

    Hey only positive thoughts coming your way … quints! YIKES I think I’d have to have a conservative day of thoughts for that too! Good Luck — twins would be fun! ❤

  2. Mr Geek says:

    I truly wish you luck. Does the whole temperature thing still apply? If so I hope it is Warm month for you!

  3. tendrils says:

    LOL, Mr. Geek. I was still temping until I went in to one of my appts with my new doctor and asked the nurse why my temps were crazy….she said I didn’t need to do that anymore since they monitor everything so closely through blood tests and ultrasounds. 🙂 But thank you! I hope it is a WARM month also! 🙂

  4. tendrils says:

    P.S. I do miss my colorful charts each month!

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