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A few weeks ago, my parents, and my sister and her family headed up here to visit.  We brought the boys to the Mall of America.  I hadn’t been there in a few years.  One would think since I live relatively near by (under an hour), I would frequent it quite often, but I don’t.  Sometimes, I think it’s just too damn big!  You could spend 2-3 FULL days in there and still not see everything!  We brought the boys to Nickelodeon Universe (formerly Camp Snoopy).  The boys had a lot of fun!  (Plus, we enjoyed shopping with no sales tax!)









We headed to Bubba Gump’s for dinner.   That was good!   The boys ended their day with a bath and some “funtime” in their matching jammies from Grandma & Grandpa!


3 thoughts on “MOA

  1. jayaycee says:

    What a little sweetheart! And does he make that cone look delicious!!!

  2. jayaycee says:

    I just realized that I clicked on the wrong comments tab for my last comment. Duh, sorry!

    My granddaughter had to write an essay recently on the best place in the world or something like that and she chose “The Mall of America!” We had to laugh, but it is a real wonderland!!!

  3. grandma knock knock says:

    the pictures are priceless…I love the jammy one with all three kids ..could I have a copy of that one.. I don;t think I took it did i???

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