Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Hubby and Punky have tended our vegetable garden  this summer.   (Let’s not discuss the feast the rabbits have had in said garden!)  Anyway, a few weeks ago, it was time to reep their hard labor.  The corn was ready.   I can’t explain Punky’s excitement in words, so I’ll let him do it for you…





Nice job, Punky!

One thought on “A Harvest

  1. Mr Geek says:

    How industrious! You have my respect. We don’t actively do very much to grow things in our household, but we do benefit from the fruit that grows on the trees (even we cant mess that up). Unfortunately the wasps got to our apples making far fewer of them as appetising as those from past crops, but the plums were lovely 🙂

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