A Big Boy!

Well, we finally tossed out the toddler bed, and we bought a bed for Punky – a big boy bed!   He is so excited!  Here he is getting ready to go to bed the first night: (note the tall white bookcase in the background —- I did something NEW with it!)


Now, me being ME, changed his entire room around after night one.   I didn’t like it, so now here is his NEW bedroom design  – bed and all!



Above is his “Book Nook,” but my favorite part of his new room… I flipped his tall white bookshelf on it’s side and put books along the bottom, and his Dr. Seuss stuffed animals on top. I then taped up the book cover – pictures I had saved from my baby shower at Jackson 4 years ago – and it looks adorable! Punky’s first comment, was “Wow. Now they all at my level!”



What do you think?

6 thoughts on “A Big Boy!

  1. It is great that the books are down at his level, We have our kids books down there too and I love it when I walk in and one of them has just decided for themselves to quietly read for a bit… Bliss

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