Just checking in….

Summer has begun!

We went to IL this past weekend for a family wedding, and we had so much fun seeing everyone!  Stacey and Jason were beaming all day long, and the whole party, ceremony, reception was beautiful!  Here’s a quick pic of  the couple (Stacey is my cousin):


Some of us had a bit too much fun.  😉   Not naming any names, but someone threw up in the minivan as Hubby was driving us back to my parents’ house.   But, hey, I made it INTO the garbage can, then wrapped up the bag and handed it to Hubby when we got home.  I haven’t done that since college years…..a L-O-N-G time ago!   Merlot, anyone?   Didn’t think so.   I don’t care for any either….yet.  Give me a few more weeks.

Punky got his haircut for summer….a fauxhawk.   It cracks me up, as he is so worried that it looks ok at all times



I guess he wanted me to NOT take his picture anymore!


But, I never listen to him.   🙂


a nice attempt at a smile…

Punky and I have been choosing a room a day to clean out in search of garage sale fodder for our sale in July.   Yesterday we conquered the  kitchen.    Today, we’re still arguing over which room gets done!  🙂  I have to move his GeoTrax set up first!   That in itself could take a few days! (they are in a different room as teh one that is pictures, but you get the idea….)

2 thoughts on “Just checking in….

  1. That do just cracks me up and his constant wedging ( duck tailing of it is priceless… and he is always asking if it is still looking okay!!! LOL!!

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