5 thoughts on “Park Pleasures

  1. I do love kiddie play parks … so much better now than what we had to put up with.

    Oh and the quality of your phone pics are far greater than the pictures produced with my iPhone 😦 I have given up taking proper photos with it and (as you may have noticed) just take Fauxlaroids.

  2. That park looks like so much fun! Isn’t it funny to watch our sweet innocent little guys acting like fierce pirates? Such a dichotomy.

  3. Mr. Geek – I agree, although my mom found us some pretty cool parks when we were kids – I loved the “roller slides.” When I take the pics on my phone, they look so shabby. I was quite impressed at the ones on here! They are pretty good!

    Carina – I know! They get so darn excited too!

  4. wow you have a great phone camera…

    looks like Punky was having a great time….reminds me of when we had those outing Saturdays when we hit about four parks a day with you guys.

    Great pics!!

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