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clip-sunshineMy mind has slowly been checking out of school this week.   Not surprising with 97 degree weather yesterday and 95 today…

Summer is coming.

Thank. God.

So, I am starting to find things to do with Punky.   Some of our favorite things to do in the metro area…

This summer I want to go to the Minnesota Children’s Museum, which I have a hunch is just like the Kohl’s Museum we went to in IL in March.

I also want to go to the Minnesota Transportation Museum.   Punky would love the Jackson Street Roundhouse!

I’d like to go to the Firefighter’s Hall & Museum too.

We’ll probably be heading to Chicago for a week, too, to visit my family.  Punky is already talking about his trip to see Gwandma Holly and Gwandpa Ed! Plus, we have the Annual Hill Picnic!

I will keep checking the GoCityKids website for daily ideas for even more fun…

3 thoughts on “Summer Activities

  1. Beth says:

    Como is my absolutely favorite summer place! I love it! And it is pretty much free! I am so excited for summer…

  2. Mr Geek says:

    I so wish it were 97° here. It is half-term here next week and we are planning on taking the kids on a number of day trips, but som much of what we do is at the mercy of the weather which at the moment is grey and grumpy. Oh the joys of living in England 😕

  3. tendrils says:

    Beth – Me too! 8 more school days here! 😉

    Mr. Geek – Never knew how to make that face before! 😕 I like!
    The weather changes here so much! It was 97 when i wrote this, and a week later it was 58!!

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