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Punky never forgets anything.  And I do mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

He’s having a rough time this week – being sick doesn’t help it either – but the boy cannot wait for summer when he gets to stay home with me.  I told him over the weekend that I would make him a calendar for the fridge so that he can countdown the days until it’s summer!  Last night, I was putting him to bed, and as he was starting to drift to sleep, he bolted up and said, “Mama, you didn’t make me my calendar yet!”

The boy forgets nothing.

So, I just finished printing out his calendar, and as I promised this morning, I will pick him up early and we can snuggle on the couch (as this is all he wants when he is sick!)

Punkycalendar – Here’s the easy-to-read, toddler friendly, clear calendar template I found online for Punky’s countdown.  I found it here.

One thought on “My Human Post-It Note

  1. Mr Geek says:

    I sometimes forget that anything said to my children, even throw away comments, get recalled later and they are legally binding aural contracts.

    This is how I found myself reading a chapter of Harry Potter to Bart at 9pm last night even though his bed time is meant to be 8pm. 🙂

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