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I sat in the back of the minivan with PUnky on our way back from IL on Sunday.   At one point, I reached over and rubbed his newly cut (SHORT) hair.  I stopped.   There was something in his hair.

Me:   Hey, what’s in your hair.

Punky (dead pan):   A Booger

Me:  What?!  How did that get there?

Punky:  I put it there.

Me:  We don’t do that!

Punky:  Mama, where else I supposed to put it?

Me:  In a kleenex!  Who taught you this?

Punky:  I just thought it myself. I have nowhere to put them.

I was mortified!  My kid puts boogers in his hair!  WHAT?!?

The next day, Punky comes home from daycare, and there are three more boogers resting comfortably, dried up, in his hair.   I reminded him AGAIN that this is not what we do with our boogers.   I called Kelly and asked her if she sees him doing this.   She said, “I thought that was what was in his hair today!”    We had a discussion with Punky that Kelly will give him a kleenex for his pocket when he goes outside to play.

Yesterday, Punky came up to me after I’d started making dinner.   “Look Mama, nothing in my hair today!”

THANK GOD!  I’m crossing my fingers that his head continues to be booger-free each day!


Where did I go wrong?

8 thoughts on “Where did I go wrong?

  1. Beth says:

    at least he was resourceful and he didn’t inconvenience anyone else…ewwww… (except you) Sounds like a good problem solver!

  2. RC says:

    Okay, I’m grossed out but LMAO!

  3. jen says:

    Simple. You had a boy. That’s where you went wrong. 😉

  4. Nemma says:

    Luke showed me his bogey covered finger earlier and before I’d had chance to do anything he stuck it straight in his mouth and licked it off!
    When I told him off he just said it was what Daddy did with his! lol

  5. Mr Geek says:

    Bart used to wipe them on the wall by his bed.

    I am sure I was never like that!

  6. Babystepper says:

    Oh man, boogers…don’t even get me started!

    What is it with kids and boogers!?

  7. Kelly Sullivan says:

    that is freaking hilarious. It obviously made perfect sense to Punky. I am in such trouble. See, girls don’t do those kinds of things but I am already seeing that boys do. Thanks for sharing a great story!!!


    Yikes who’s kid is that anyway??

    Ya gotta love his problem solving technique!!

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