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celebrating life one moment at a time

You know, I loved my spring break….but the end made it a bit….er….. stressful.

So, I am so looking forward to this mini-break.

Four whole days off.

I can’t wait.

I know I’ll be busy with Punky… cleaning… making Easter dinner, etc.

But, I won’t be at work.

And that to me sounds


In fact…


64 days 1561 hours 93670 minutes 5620214 seconds until summer vacation!  😉

Not that I am counting.  😉

4 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhh. A mini-break.

  1. jen says:

    And even less here! Not happy! LOL

  2. Mr Geek says:

    Just think what it is like for us non-teachers … 4 days way from work … I can’t wait.

  3. Indigo says:

    Spring break is next week for us, I have to work, but my husband has off. I’m actually looking forward to not having to get anyone else ready in the morning but myself. That’s a huge perk. 🙂

    Happy Mingling! Glad to joined this month!


    yikes you are desperately counting… that would have been a cool time in Illinois if you did not have Easter and your church would suffer with out Keith’s active role….but we had you at Thanksgiving..so we are happy…wish you were closer we could have had a cool shopping spree or secured all your groceries for Sunday. maybe some day!!

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