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Last Saturday, we went to Amy’s benefit dinner.
I won a very cool raffle prize. A basket FULL of stationary and paper goodies (journals, Weekly planner mousepads, to do project planners, etc). I have used probably half of the things in it before I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture of it. So here is about 1/2 of my winning basket!

Then this weekend, I went to our 12-hour annual “Page for a Cure” scrapbooking event, and I won again!


I won a Making Memories Slice Machine! I am so excited to try it out!

Here are a few layouts I worked on during Page For A Cure.   They are not done, as I have to still do my journaling, but I left room on each spread to do that.




I like this spread; however, it needs lots of embellishing and a title/journal on that big red mat. BUT, check out the paper—–it reminds me of vintage Christmas wrapping paper…I love it!” Here’s a close up shot of the paper…



So, I still have to finish these, but I thought I’d share them!

One thought on “A winning week…

  1. jen says:

    You won a Slice?! Dude! 🙂 Nice LOs. Eventually I’ll actually scrapbook instead of just cleaning the room ad infinitum. LOL

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