UPDATE:  I FIGURED IT OUT!   I changed the color of my tabs above the  header.  (I have the CSS upgrade, so I am able to mess with my style sheet.  Now, if they’d only let ya change header sizes!)

Ok, so I got the  image I wanted. I really wish I could change the size of my header —– but I guess with blogs you can’t.  (Am I right here?)mosaic6147183

Now, I can’t flippin’ figure out how to change the text color of my page titles above my header image……..I don’t want those green!!!!!!!   I knew this  before, which really makes me even more frustrated.


I really WANT THIS AS MY HEADER, but I don’t think I can…..

ultimatemosaic6147183Back to the drawing board…….

4 thoughts on “Redesign

  1. I haven’t seen any options that allow you to change header size… As for changing the text color, I know you can pay more to mess with the code…

  2. I love this header. I would have thought that if you get the custom CSS option it should be possible to change the header image size as otherwise it is not very customisable, but that is from the bloke that has the same layout as everyone else that are too lazy to change anything.

    I would love to offer to help, but then you would just be another person on my list of people that I seem to have over promised and under delivered.

    I know it is asking the obvious, but can you not do something along the lines of …

    #headerimg {
    height: 370px;
    width: 463px; }

  3. You did it, you did it! Looks great! I seriously watched that happen, almost!

    Just starting to look around…fun, real site. Enjoying it!

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