Fifty Percent Achievement Score

Three out of the last SIX days, Hubby has left the dome light on in my minivan…and then my van is dead the next morning.  D-E-A-D.

This sign greeted him on the door leaving the garage and going into our house when he got home from choir tonight….


Do you think it’ll help him?


4 thoughts on “Fifty Percent Achievement Score

  1. I do! And it is much more constructive than “Turn off the damn dome light you idiot”, for example. The grapic will help reinforce his learning as well.

  2. Hmm … bloglines displays it against a while background so all that showed up was the bulb, the rest was white on white 🙂 I originally thought it would have been way too subtle for me, but now that I see the text I think it would do the trick … until I became desensitised to it and reverted to type 😆

  3. Like Mr Geek, I couldn’t see the text in Google Reader. I thought you were just putting a picture of the bulb on the door. With the text, a bit more biting then I originally thought.

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