Today in History


Good Bye President Bush (and your annoying smirk)


Hello President Obama!



Best of Luck to you and your family as you begin to steer this ship in the right direction!

(And…as an English teacher and American citizen,

thank you for being such a phenomenal orator.)

5 thoughts on “Today in History

  1. As a teacher, haven’t you wanted to just slap that smirk right off his face? I’d get that smirk from students and it would just make my blood boil. So glad he’s gone.

  2. For me GWB is proof of the old saying that “Democracy is only the least worst option”. I can forgive the general public for electing him, as I’m not sure they actually did, but re-electing him … really?!?

    Last night they uttered the sweetest phrase I have heard on TV for weeks “FORMER President George W. Bush”

  3. Beth- LOL! The thought crossed my mind to write that also!
    Jen- YES!!!! I HATE THE SMIRK!
    Mr. Geek – Amen! That is a good phrase!

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