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I **heart** the internet.  I abhor holioday shopping at malls.   I have done all of my shopping this year online.   Really!

Tips to follow to ensure you’re getting a deal… (Ok, I am assuming, you, my readers, are savvy and already know to make sure the sites are secure before purchasing anything……)

  • Always, always, always open up a new tab on your browser and do a Google search for  “INSERT STORE NAME coupon codes.”   I have rarely not found a link or a coupon code to help save me money.
  • Before you buy something, check out availability from multiple stores or sites.   Sometimes Amazon has something much cheaper than Target or Kohls.  It takes a few extra clicks, but it always pays off!  Use the price comparison websites such as Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, or Bizrate. (I’ve learned this year that Amazon has EVERYTHING…and who doesn’t love the free shipping?!?!?)
  • Sign up for a UPromise account to help benefit a child you know (or your own).  A percentage of every transaction you make gets put into a 529 account for your child’s college funds.   By using UPromise, this also opens up another door for coupon codes and specials!  They will pop up automatically when you enter a site.  Easy money to claim for your child….  If you have more than one child, you can pro rate what percentage of your funds go into each child’s account.   You can also very easily set up friends or family on an account, earning your child’s fund even more money.
  • Before checking out, look on ebay!  Ebay has gazillions of brand new items!  I would give you an example, but I don’t want to spoil any of my Christmas gifts for people I know!
  • Take a look on Overstock.com or SmartBargains.com
  • Coupons!   Most stores have an online coupon code in the fine print of the paper coupons you get in the Sunday paper or in the mail.  Use it!
  • Looking for unique gifts?   Take a peek on Etsy.  or DaWanda.  Or my favorite…..A Touch of Whimsy Designs!
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite sites!   Snapfish and Proflowers have sent me almost daily emails with coupon codes and specials for their customers.
  • Check out Cafepress for unique gifts.
  • Be creative!  Think of the hobbies, collections, people you need to shop for have…….and Google it!  I have found lots of treasures online this year!

Happy Shopping!  14 days to go before CHRISTMAS DAY!


2 thoughts on “Smart Holiday Shopping

  1. Mr Geek says:

    If you are after coupon codes go to http://www.retailmenot.com. You put in the website address and it lists the coupon codes that people have registered with that site, you can then rate it as having worked or not worked for you.

    They have codes for many stores.

  2. we have deals this year, but not the way you do in the states. i did get some amazing deals at amazon and they offered me free shipping as well! but i actually prefer to shop at the malls, i have a hard time shopping on line, i want to pick up and really inspect anything i’m buying for anyone.

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