Keyboarding 101


I suck at typing.   Anyone who has chatted with me online or has gotten emails from me KNOWS this!

I hate the word “THE.”   I always type “teh.”   Annoying.

So, I am over at That’s My Answer today…….. and answered this question:

Would you rather give a keynote speech about blogging to a room full of non-bloggers, or read select blog entries from your blog to a room full of die hard bloggers?

I write my answer, “Yikes!  What a choice.  I’d pick the nonbloggers ——- far less intimidating…..” and hit submit.

I glance up to see my answer as it posts….

“Yikes! What a choice! I’d lick the nonbloggers——–far less intimidating!”


I guess looking at it now, that could have totally been my real answer…..I could have given a keynote to the nonbloggers and licked it!  😉

I know, I’m just trying to climb out of this hole here….

5 thoughts on “Keyboarding 101

  1. I LOVE typing — if you ever need anything, get in touch with me. I started writing creatively because I was tired of just copying out of book on my old typewriter. I’m fast and accurate and take great Zen-ish pleasure in it

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