Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

The media hyped up HUIGE storms for our area on Friday night…. watches, warnings, beepings on the TV and radio….. and then it pittered out before it hit the metro area, so We had a thunderstorm Friday evening….a normal thunderstorm.   The sky was a bit dark, but as it rained the sun came out, and we had 2 rainbows to watch behind our house.  It was very pretty!

2 thoughts on “Seeing Double

  1. Mr Geek says:

    The physics geek in me wants to point out that the second rainbow is in the opposite order.

    I used to be able to explain why … One of the geeky facts that Mrs Geek claimed to have found endearing.

  2. Cool!!!

    was that over AM ‘s house??

    Tee -hee

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