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Punky and Da-Da

Punky and Da-Da

I love to watch my guys outside while I am in the kitchen cooking dinner. Punky just adores Da-da and gets SO EXCITED when they play out in the yard. He gets even more excited when he gets to help Da-da in the vegetable garden or with watering the vegetable garden. I love hearing the squeals of laughter, the giggles and the shouts of excitement! This has turned into my favorite time of each day…

While we up north this weekend at my FIL’s cousin reunion, Punky and Da-Da took a ride in a paddle boat. It was so cute. Hubby paddled while Punky steered! He had a blast! Here are some pics:

Punky and Da-da in the Paddle Boat

Punky and Da-da in the Paddle Boat

Enjoying the lake

Enjoying the lake

Like Father, Like Son!

Like Father, Like Son!

A Beautiful Day!

A Beautiful Day!

3 thoughts on “My Guys

  1. RC says:

    Your pictures are just showing up as a red screen for me. **sob**

  2. Mr Geek says:

    I wish the sun would come back here, I really am looking forward to summer fun with my kids.

  3. brenda says:

    What great action shots! It is so great you can spend time together!

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