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Punky and I drove down to Iowa City last week to have a mini-reunion with the best friends from high school. Leah grew up 3 houses away from me back in IL, but now lives in Iowa City. Darci was in the States visiting her family who also lives near Iowa City, so I thought we’d better take advantage of this isnce the last time the three of us where together was my wedding……5 years ago this summer!

Here we are in high school……..

Leah, Darci, and Me...

Leah, Darci, and Me...

Here we are 5 years ago…..

Darci, Me, and Leah...

Darci, Me, and Leah...



Darci and her daughter

Darci and her daughter

Me and Punky...

Me and Punky...

Punky with Leahs daughters...

Punky with Leah's daughters...

We had a great time…it’s like we always pick up just where we left off….. I love that!

6 thoughts on “Three Amigas

  1. RC says:

    Aww! I have to ask… What was with the Army sweatpants and the salute?

  2. wow— how you girls have only gotten better with time and what cute ..darling kids you all have…

    your friendship has withstood the test of time and will only flourish in the years to come …three cheers to three great gals…

    sorry I missed the reunion …miss all those times in my kitchen with you three….ahh… the good old days!!


  3. tendrils says:

    RC – We took the picture for our friend Chaim who was in the Army at that time…

    G.K.K. – We missed you there…..We will get together again…..hopefully not waiting ANOTHER 5 years! Darci will be back in the states after December 2009. 🙂 Yippee!!!

  4. Mr Geek says:

    It sucks living away from your old friends.

    Reunions are always too rare!

  5. imhelendt says:

    Those are the BEST kind of friends to have!

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