Say it ain’t so…..

My sister is getting us tickets for……….

Yep…..there they are 20 years later…..

New Kids On On The Block!


Can you believe it?

This is going to be amusing….and FUN!

I gotta go find my old cassette tape!  LMAO!

7 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so…..

  1. OOH….. Take me! Take me!! Joey is my fav!

    Yep… I am commenting… it is a momentous day:)

  2. Kristin…………wow! Let me pick myself off the floor! 🙂
    Maybe we should take a field trip to Chi-town next October—— LOL! Can we make it curriculum related? LOL!

  3. JON’s the one!! He was totally mine!!! I wonder if I still have my NKOTB pjs??? – I do know EXACTLY where my tapes are – including FUNKY FUNKY CHRISTMAS!!!

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