Our Simple Pleasures

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Happy May Day! I remember every May Day bringing my elementary teachers a bouquet of fresh spring flowers from Mom’s garden…….Lily of the Valley, Tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth flowers. Mom would wrap the base of the flowers in a wet paper towel, then wrap that in Aluminum foil, and I would hold them on the bus all the way to school. My teachers would then have them on their desk all day, and I would sit there proud as a peacock.

Man……how times have changed. I would keel over from a heart attack if any of my 8th graders brought me flowers!

2 thoughts on “Happy May Day!

  1. Beth says:

    My neighbor when I was a young one had the best flower garden. She made up bouquets for all of us kids (maybe 8 of us) to give to teachers… and sometimes even Sunday School teachers! Great memories!

  2. wow– what a nice Mom!!! Creating those nice memories for you!! The flowers are still all in the garden these days with no little ones to pass them off to teachers!!

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