So, I am showing Life is Beautiful in my English classes right now as an introduction to my unit on Anne Frank. I saw it when it first came out, and it rocked me to my core. What a beautifully written movie about a horrid time in our world’s history!

But, as I watch it now with my kids, I find myself affected by it even more since I am now a parent to an innocent, naive, loving child. The story the father weaves in order for his child to believe he is part of a “game” while they are in the concentration camp is heartwrenching. I can better understand this now as a parent and as a wife that you do do anything to protect your child’s innocence, childhood, and family no matter what the circumstance.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I’ve found that being a parent has made me look at a lot of things differently. The things I would do to protect him and his innocence have no limits…

  2. I totally agree. The way I think about things has changed in so many ways. My empathy towards other parents has increased beyond measure.

    I first watched this film when my oldest had just been born. Not many things make me cry, but that film upset me SO much. One of the best films I have ever watched … It just requires building a little courage before watching as it is just a little too painful.

  3. I’m astounded but, I suppose, not surprised that I had the same reaction to that movie! I remember going to see it in the theatre and just feeling destroyed afterward. I cried uncontrollably for at least a half hour. What a powerful film. I haven’t tried to watch it now, as a parent; I can only imagine the garment-rending.

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