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Twenty-five minutes and counting…..

The new episode of Brothers & Sisters will be on.

The dysfunctional Walker family helped me get through the days of my miscarriage when I was home from work….on the couch….with Advil and a heating pad…..  I got Season 1 for Christmas from my mom and dad.   I watched the entire season one during the first 1 1/2 weeks in April and all of the  bonus material too.   I had watched season 2 this year until the writer’s strike……..so I am excited to see tonight’s episode.

So, thank you Walker family….for making me feel better…and for  letting me escape life each afternoon on the couch during that awful time!  🙂

See ya in 18 minutes……

One thought on “Thank you, Walker Family….

  1. Beth says:

    hello … I am a fellow special ed teacher in the great state of MN… I found your blog on Mom’s Blogs or whatever it is called. I love Brothers and Sisters… and also struggle with AYP…we are at year 2 of not making it…because of Special Ed and ELL go figure… I hate seeing the pained expression on the kids’ faces… My blog is new and raw…I am trying to find my niche… Anyway…nice to meet you!

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