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A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my Dad who celebrated his birthday on Saturday! I hope you had a fantabulous day! You deserve it! I love you, Dad! 🙂

I went to Page for the Cure on Saturday—–a 12 hour scrapbooking marathon with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a great day with the “gals,” and just what I needed. I got an entire 8×8 album done documenting Punky’s 1st Birthday Party (October 2006). I also worked on 8 12×12 pages on various Punky pictures. I do need to finish journaling and adding a ‘few more finishing touches.’ Then, maybe I’ll post a few pictures on here….

Hubby brought Punky up to the event to visit me in the afternoon. It was so nice to see his little smile.

On Sunday, after worship, our beloved Pastor announced that she will be resigning effective May 1st due to her declining health. It was so sad to hear. The congregation went from being joyous during worship service to a puddle in less than a minute. We will so miss her and her husband.

I am trying to collect stories, poems, letters, thoughts, memories from our congregation’s members so I can make her a 12×12 album documenting all she has done for us during her journey at our church. It’ll be tough to work under these time constraints, but I am hoping to get a good response. She means so much to so many of us. I am hoping that is what will drive people to get their stories and pictures in to me.

I called for my blood test results from Friday afternoon. My hgc levels (pregnancy hormone levels) are now at 200. They’ll keep following them until they drop below 5. They went down 1800 this week! My miscarriage has been progressing on its own… but man, what a long process…… today is day # 12! I can’t wait for this to be over.

We’re in State Testing Week at school. Don’t even get me started. My poor kids. They all have disabilities in reading and/or writing and/or math. No Child Left Behind requires that these kids score proficiently on their appropriate grade level tests. Excuse me? These kids have met state and federal requirements to qualify for special education services. There is a valid, real reason they are not performing at the proficiency level…yet, if these kids don’t score at the proficient level, our school is listed as not making AYP (adequate yearly progress). WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! SO, when a school doesn’t make AYP, what happens, you ask….. let me paint the picture…..directly taken from the Department Of Education website in Minnesota:

What happens if your school does not make AYP?

Minnesota has a process in place to help schools not making AYP improve. Title I schools that do not make AYP for two consecutive years participate in a formal Continuous Improvement process conducted by the state.
School Improvement
Once identified for improvement, schools must develop two-year school improvement plans designed to improve each subgroup’s achievement. Title I schools must offer public school choice. If schools do not make AYP after one year of being in School Improvement, they continue for a second year with their school improvement plans. Title I schools must offer supplemental services (e.g. tutoring), in addition to school choice to economically disadvantaged students. Schools not making AYP for two years after entering School Improvement will be identified for Corrective Action.
Corrective Action
Local school systems will direct changes for schools in Corrective Action. These changes could include replacing school staff, adopting a new curriculum, decreasing school-level management authority, and extending the school day or year. Title I schools must continue to offer school choice and supplemental services. Schools not making AYP after one year of Corrective Action will be identified for Restructuring.
Restructuring involves at least one of the following:

Replacing all or most school staff who are relevant to the failure to make AYP.

Contracting with a management company to operate the school.

Reopening the school as a public charter school

Other major restructuring actions that involve significant changes to staffing and governance.

Schools exit the improvement process after making AYP for two consecutive years. After one year of making AYP, the school holds list status in the intervention process. If it makes AYP the next year, it will exit. If it does not make AYP, it will move to the next step in the improvement process. If, after exiting, a school does not make AYP for two consecutive years, it will enter the improvement process from the beginning.

Sounds like fun, eh?

On Friday after school, I have rescheduled my Spa Party (which was originally scheduled for the afternoon that I started to miscarry….and the evening we spent 6 hours in the Emergency Room). We’ll all need a break after this week of testing. 😀

Friday evening, we’re going out to eat with my father-in-law as it would have been my mother-in-law’s 72nd birthday. This is the first year we’ll be celebrating without her. 😦 We miss her so much! I’ve been replaying our “last April” in my mind a lot as of late as I have spent a fair amount of time the past few weeks sorting through pictures for various projects I have been working on.

Speaking of which… if you’re looking for a very unique gift to give someone……check out One True Media and create a video montage! I finished one of my son and my nephew for my dad’s birthday and for the boys to have. It was so much fun and so easy to do!
View this montage created at One True Media
Punky and Rufus

6 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. mommytoj says:

    Neat slideshow! I’ve never ordered from One True Media..I just make slideshows to share online. I have a program on my computer called Roxio. I can make slideshows, add my own music, and burn them. to a CD-R.

  2. mommytoj says:

    I would love to see some of your scrapbook pages!

  3. RC says:

    So sweet! I didn’t watch the whole thing, but it looks beautiful!

  4. Melissa says:

    I love those one true media montages. So cool!

  5. naj says:

    I too am a spec. ed. teacher…I dread testing…I feel good about their progress, but jeez, as I look into my teacher crystal ball…maybe??? 3/10 will ever earn a dipolma…remember all kids must take college prep now, down with any apprentice programs!!!!

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