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celebrating life one moment at a time

I cannot believe it’s February 1st today!!!! (Happy 30th Birthday, to my cousin, Dawn!)

I think February and think of love…

Things I am lovin’ right now are:

  • my new stationery goodies from Gina @ A Touch of Whimsy!
  • getting back into my AtHome America business…(my new HomeStudio arrived this week!)
  • the NEW catalog from my Creative Memories business…
  • going green with Shaklee products (also a business of mine!)
  • file folders (I have been ging NUTS with these at school getting student’s work and my unit plans organized!)
  • raw veggies…I just can’t get enough these days?
  • my DirtDevil broomvac
  • scrapping things – just got my travel tags from Etsy’s every jot and tittle! Cute! Can’t wait to use them!yhst-87870123252469_1984_44276085.gif
  • Ugly Dolls [pictured here is OX – “What kind of name is OX? No, not like the animal… OX, as in HUG and KISS! How can he hug you with such short arms? OX uses his ears!He’s not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways! Tuck them in your shirt and take OX on a stroll!”]
  • Upromise – How easy is it to save for your little one’s college!?!?
  • Allmyfaves – what a cool site!
  • Bloglines….a necessity to keep up with my blog reading!
  • Snapfish – I just got my VERY cool 2008 calendar of PUNKY! 🙂 I love it!

What are you loving this month?

7 thoughts on “Love in February

  1. RC says:

    That at least I am not turning 40 yet… 😉

  2. mommytoj says:

    I’m going to try the bloglines website.

    Right now I love finding bargains on books at Half-Price books and various thrift stores. I find many good books for under $2!

  3. Fig says:

    I love coffee, I love tea
    I love the java jive and it loves me
    Coffee and tea and the java and me
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup (boy!)

    …and I’ll be singing that for the rest of the day. Thanks for making me think of it… no really… thanks a lot.

  4. I am loving my washer and dryer since the stomach flu has infected our home … although I am loving good health even more 🙂 !!

  5. mommytoj says:

    The broomvac looks neat too!

  6. mosaicspeakeasy says:

    i love your blog =)
    how do you align the picture with the text, i think its called wrap around? so that you can continue typing instead of having a huge space where the picture is – does that make any sense at all?

  7. sevenpics says:

    lol that green monster rox…i want one

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