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Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You’d Buy If You Had a Million Dollars (money HAS to be spent on ME)

Ok, everybody start humming……I know you want to…..”If I had a million dollars….” (Barenaked Ladies).

  1. A new home (with a play room, enough bedrooms, and a scrapping room)
  2. A new computer AND a laptop  (New computer at home and a laptop for me to do scrapping on the go…)
  3. Furniture for the family room
  4. New appliances
  5. A new car (to replace the blue one)
  6. A king sized bed
  7. A new bed for Punky (I know a “big boy bed” is in our near future)
  8. Lots of books
  9. Lots of stationery from “A Touch Of Whimsy!”
  10. Lots of flowers, trees to landscape my new property!

Next week’s Topic: 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV

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6 thoughts on ““If I had a million dollars….”

  1. Tempest says:

    LOL I’ve been humming that BNL tune all morning reading these 🙂

  2. Florinda says:

    I quoted BNL in my post for this too. I’m with you on several of these.

  3. mommytoj says:

    Great list! 🙂

  4. Fig says:

    I notice that “Buy Fig a green dress” is not on your list. Must be number 11.


  5. Jennifer H. says:

    Great list this week! A Touch of Whimsy is one of my FAVORITE places for stationery! Have a great day!

    Jennifer 🙂

  6. Mike says:


    “But not a real green dress, that’s cruel”

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