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RC left me a comment to check out a surprise on her blog, so I did!   What a riot!   She had posted this:

I pulled out a picture from college, which I still have in a frame on my bookshelf, as I figured it would brighten the day of one of my blogging friends.

I had to crop the photo creatively, as it appears that said friend had a certain finger extended – something I originally didn’t notice. Naughty friend.

Hmm… I wonder who these two gorgeous mid-1990s chicks are? ;-)

Wow!  Is that a blast from my past!   This was taken my senior year at Winona State.   RC is on the left, and your truly is on the right.   (And, yes, I did have a certain digit extended—which she cropped out!  I’m sure it was directed at my boyfriend at the time who took the picture…..don’t know what the hell I was thinking back then dating him!)
Thanks for the laugh, RC!

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday!

  1. mommytoj says:

    Cute picture 🙂

  2. RC says:

    Hey – You stole my picture and post! 😉

  3. tendrils says:

    Sorry! 😉 I linked to you!!!! 🙂 It made me laugh so much, I had to share it!!!!!

  4. laughingatchaos says:

    What awesomely gorgeous women! 🙂 And now I know what BOTH of you look like! 🙂

  5. RC says:

    Hey Tendrils – She thinks we still look like this!
    With the exception of the outdated hair for me, I’m happy! Mission accomplished! 🙂

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