This morning, we awoke to -20 degrees on the thermometer….Yes, that’s right….that was the temperature! The windchill added in made it 30 below. Yep….you read that right! 3-0-b-e-l-o-w-z-e-r-o!


Remind me again, why do I live in Minnesota?

10 thoughts on “Brrrr…

  1. If one more person says “It’s because of our beautiful summers!” when I ask to be reminded why we live here… I’m gonna smack em!

    Oh! Or worse! “But we’ve been blessed with such a nice winter until now.”


    I’m crawling into a chair with a blanket and a cup of cocoa, preferably spiked with anything alcoholic, and I’m going to dream of Arizona… desert sands… warm sunshine… swimming pools and movie stars… er something.

  2. I was happy to be able to stay inside today. My husband is out right now running errands 🙂 I like the graphic next to you post.

    Stay warm 🙂

  3. Fig—- Enjoy you warm thoughts ! I hope it works! It’s just going to get COLDER!

    MommytoJ- Thanks….I sent out Hubby and Punky to run errands too!

    RC- 😛 I’m still waiting for an answer……

    BetterSafethansorry —-blech! Stay warm!

    Indigo——Yes, she does! 🙂 Just like you! 😉

  4. ‘Cuz we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our professional football teams (grumbling at the TV this evening, please excuse me, although I still do love them – am just sad…).

    How ’bout because we know that you have to be very brave, and we are, to live in these conditions? And no matter how cold it gets, or how scary tornadoes may seem, we are not crazy enough to live in hurricane or earthquake territory. 😉

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