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The dreaded day has come……my last day of Winter Christmas Break.   How will I ever be able to drag my butt out of bed on Monday to go back to school?!?!

Punky is sick with some kind of nasty cough, snot, fever illness a cold.   I’ve been up several nights with him now…and the lack of sleep is catching up to me.  I. am. exhausted.   Again, how will I be able to get up for work on Monday? ugh.   How many days until summer?  [ok, i answered that and just added a summer countdown widget to teh sidebar on the right…a girl can never start planning too early?!]

I am looking forward to a full night’s sleep…in my own bed….not in Punky’s room in the chair… sorry, Hubby!   🙂  It’s your turn!  😀

Punky didn’t want refused to take his medicine at 2 AM.  He spit it back out and clamped his  mouth shut.   Did the same thing this morning, UNTIL I pulled out “the Big Boy Card!”  I measured out his medicine and then put it in the “Big Boy Cup” (or the little cup dispenser that comes on the top of liquid meds for kids).  He drank it right up “Like a Big Boy, Mommy!”   So,I guess I could say that I got enough sleep to continue to stay at least one step ahead of Punky today!

One thought on “Sleep? What’s that?

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh I hope Punky feels better – those no sleep nights are no fun for anyone!!

    Good luck returning to work, I know my hubby is not looking forward to his either!

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