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Topic: 10 Things You Want for Christmas

  1. A Wii…They are so much fun!  (I’ll never get it, but hey, a girl can wish!)
  2. A food processor
  3. Serving Spoons (slotted and regular)
  4. Old Navy gift cards
  5. Manicure/Pedicure
  6. Caribou Coffee gift cards
  7. A laptop with a wireless card (Again…I can dream!)
  8. New slippers
  9. My perfume (Burberry’s Touch: for Women)
  10. A new cell phone

Next week’s topic:  10 New Years Resolutions

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6 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday #21

  1. Angela says:

    Lovely list! I like getting manicure/pedicures. My local place is really reasonable too.

    You have a pretty good mixture of cool things for your list, from the wii to the slippers. Merry Christmas and I hope you get something (or more than just something) from your list!

  2. Indigo says:

    I hope you get your list! We have a Wii, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, I have YET to play it. My kid knows how to work it though.

  3. patois says:

    You’ve got some nice, inexpensive requests to offset the big dreams. Hope you get some from each!

  4. Laane says:

    That’s a nice list.

    I hope you’ll get it all.

    I just mentioned the things I dream about.
    We’ve had Sinterklaas already, that’s our gift-event.

    My list is at:
    laane on the World

  5. Grandma Knock Knock says:

    hate to bust your bubble but Burberry does not make Touch anymore. It is not even at Ulta this year….they have Brit…we tried everywhere for touch..sorry

    Love ya

  6. Jeremy S. says:

    Alan and I have a Wii!

    I waited in line last November at Target to get one. It’s an absolute blast to play, though your arms will get sore. It’s as much of a game as it is a workout!

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